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Who we are

Wiibiq is a Software as a Service company that helps industrial companies (SMEs including) to digitize and optimize their manufacturing and logistic critical processes through our software platform which contains this specific features:

Wiibiq production

Wiibiq inventory and traceability

Wiibiq quality management:


Specialized module for control on real time quality reports from all the supply chain. 

Our Goal

For 2030 we will be among top ten world leading SaaS solutions for process management and optimization in industrial chains.

For 2026 we will be among at least one Gartner Magic Quadrant. 

Business Team
reunión de negocios


Our network of allies is a fundamental part of our development and is made up of institutions and people with whom Wiibiq articulates processes and initiatives around of these four axes: 


  • Institutional Allies

  • Distributors 

  • Investors

  • Technological partners

Our core values









Constant learning


Paúl Rivera


I love solving problems and motivating people. I think Wiibiq's global ability to leave a better world for those who come after.


Tania Lastra Bravo

Product manager

I am a person committed to each of the roles in my life. I enjoy the company of friends to the fullest and I treasure family moments. I am attracted to literature with a historical context and I am passionate about experimenting in the kitchen. I am excited to apply my knowledge and skills in my work, develop new ideas and dream of new business horizons.


Israel Pineda

Technology Manager

I am passionate about science and engineering who likes to be constantly learning about how to transform the world using computers.


Carla González Jiménez

Senior Consultant

I define myself as a person open to learning every day. I really like researching and putting into practice new and better ways of doing things. Like many women today, I seek a balance between my passions: my family, my profession, and my favorite hobby: music.

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Diana Jaguaco Cañizare

Operations Engineer

I define myself as a hard-working person always in search of constant learning. Passionate about music and animals. Delighted to collaborate, learn and offer my knowledge to a great work team.


Gabriela Astudillo

Software Developer

I am a creative person, organized and passionate about the world of technology. I have a natural predisposition to collaborate and lead processes of conceptualization, design, development and implementation of software solutions.


Andrea Aguilar Rojas

Business Executive

I define myself as a cheerful, responsible, very friendly person, I enjoy spending time with family and going out with friends. I take on challenges, always respect as a basis in life, I like to learn from other people, looking for the positive in everything.


Andrés Orozco

Software Engineer

I consider myself a neverending learner. I fell in love with programming from an early age when I watched my father programming. I am also very passionate about philosophy and machine learning.


Andrés Banda

Software Engineer

I am a practitioner of lean principles. I think there are always more efficient ways to face projects and challenges in life. I love technology-based entrepreneurship because it provides us the opportunity to contribute to improving our society and making our lives better.


Santiago Martínez

Software Engineer

I define myself as a person who loves programming; It is my passion, and it grows continuously with each challenge that I find myself in front of.


I am persistent in seeking solutions to problems found within projects. I also enjoy teamwork, feedback, discussion, and review in this environment.

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Marcelo Leonel Barba

Development Engineer

I am passionate about computers and technology. My professional interests are web development and computer security. I am constantly looking to learn new things that take me out of my comfort zone.


Javier Valdivieso

Marketing Assistant

I define myself as a committed young man who seeks to be in constant learning. I am passionate about sports and technology since my childhood. My future goal is to support the generation of small businesses nationwide with my knowledge.