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We are here to help you. Here you can find some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you do not find what you were looking for, do not hesitate to contact us through our forms.

Would I need the installation of a system in my company?

Being a SAAS software, it does not require installation, it is managed through a cloud.


How does this software help me improve my productivity indicators compared to other market options?

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I already have an ERP developed by the company, why would I have to use additional software?

Our systems are specialized in both inventory and production; for which they are an excellent complement for administrative or financial systems. With our solutions you will be able to control and optimize in real time the operational processes of logistics and production; with specific variables that are not normally considered by accounting and administrative systems such as the ERP.


Can Wiibiq software work together with my company's systems?

Si, ya que contamos con una API de integración a otros sistemas.


Would it imply me to acquire additional equipment to manage the software in my company?

We have a web app and a mobile app, the latter compatible with any Android device, so we do not consider it necessary to purchase the latest generation equipment.


Can I see my processes in real time, what happens if there is no internet in the plant or the power goes out?

All our processes are managed in real time, so the control is permanent, in case of not having internet, or electrical failure, our platform can work intermittently, and as soon as it detects the network, it updates automatically .


What happens if a machine in my factory stops, how can I control it?

We have alerts and control of line stops, therefore the report is immediate.


Do software version updates have any additional cost?

No, at the time of acquiring the software license, the updates do not have any additional cost.


What happens if my suppliers cannot/will not use the software? How is traceability controlled?

Todos nuestros procesos, son manejados en tiempo real, por lo que el control es permanente, en caso de no contar con internet, o falla eléctrica, nuestra plataforma, puede trabajar en intermitencia, y en cuanto detecte la red, se actualiza de manera automática.


Is the software sensitive to data theft from my company, through hacking, how do I know they would be safe?

We have a microsoft protection license, one of the most advanced technologies, in terms of security, that will ensure that your data is protected, and not violated.


Will you, as a company that provides the software service, have access to my confidential information?

We do not interfere in the confidential information of the companies, since the company will have to assign an administrator on its own, who will be in charge of handling data and sensitive information, and will be able to share them according to ranks towards the different users.


If I buy the software for my company, will I have training for my staff?

At the time of acquiring our license, you automatically have a permanent training service for users, with technical support, whenever the company requires it.

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