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Time is the scarcest commodity in the operation.

Production control | MES

Tool specialized in digitizing and control in real time production processes. Designed for large, medium and small factories.


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  • Upload your production orders from MS Excel or integrate it to your ERP.

  • Filter and organize by SKU and families.

  • Monitor in real time the execution of production orders.

  • Make visible, prioritize and order your OPs / OTs.

  • Visualize control graphs of process variables in real time.

  • Keep a digital record of events, planned and unplanned machine stoppages.


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Plant control in real time


Take your operation to a world-class standard of operational excellence

  • Optimize the return on your investment in equipment and machinery through a deep and automated analysis of the availability of each line in real time and in historical terms.

  • With Wiibiq you won't need expensive hardware.

  • Advanced and automatically generated indicators.

  • WC KPIs in real time and automatically.

  • Make the best decisions based on a deep and detailed analysis of the use of time on the lines.

  • TA, TVA, TP, TO, LT

  • Improve decision making with real-time analytics. 

  • Control units produced, global equipment efficiency, among others.

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