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Lean Workshop + Real Time Data = Operational Excellence

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Wiibiq editorial. The free workshop to be held by Wiibiq together with the Chamber of Industries of Guayaquil will take place on September 16, 2021. It is focused on covering practical techniques and applications to generate operational excellence through the combination of Lean Manufacturing and Data Acquisition in real time. The workshop speakers will be Charles Gordillo - Operations Manager of Transmarina and Paúl Rivera - CEO of Cognitiva. Charles Gordillo has worked as a manager at Transmarina since 2019. Among his main functions is the supply of raw materials together with national and imported materials along with the storage of products. In addition, in his professional career he has developed companies such as Nestlé, Quala, ABC Engineering and Life - Laboratories. For his part, Paúl Rivera has been CEO of Cognitiva Latam since 2018, being responsible for business development focused on SaaS solutions aimed at corporate segments of manufacturing, logistics and SMEs. Professionally, he has developed in the German-Ecuadorian Chamber of Industry and Commerce; Fuentes San Felipe, UIDE, United Nations, International Life Sciences Institute and National Polytechnic School. We invite you to this totally free workshop where operational excellence will be deepened. Register at the following link:

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